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International Business Resources for Faculty

Based on the NASBITE© Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP) Credential

Faculty CGBP Resources
The CGBP (Certified Global Business Professional) credential contains 32 key tasks related to international trade. These tasks combine to ensure the international trade practitioner is competent across a broad range of skill sets. This page will help you to explore each of these areas, through a three-step selection process:
Step 1: Click on one of Four Skill Domains
Click on any of the 4 CGBP Domains from the menu below:
1) Global Business Management
2) Global Marketing
3) Supply Chain Management, or
4) Trade Finance.
After you click, a list of links will appear containing appropriate key tasks. These represent the tasks needed to create competence in that area of international trade activities.
Step 2: Click on a Task
Click on a Task link,which will lead you to a page containing relevant, specific web resources.
Step 3: Click on a Tab
After selecting a task, please scroll down the page to see results. There will be 10 tabs at the top of the results table from which you can choose:
- All: General web resources for the task
- Courses: Clicking on this tab will lead you to course and syllabus web resources related to the chosen task. This may help as you develop your lesson plan for the topic or course.
- Best Practices: Clicking on this tab will lead you to web resources that explain how to develop skills for these types of tasks. In other words, best practices related to the tasks.
- Trends: Clicking on this tab will lead you to web resources that identify recent trends related to the tasks. Due to changes across technology, regulations, industry standards, and human resources, it is meaningful to examine trends.
- PowerPoint: Clicking on this tab will lead you to PowerPoint web resources related to the task. PowerPoint is the most widely used presentation software in the classroom, and these links should bring you multiple examples of how others have presented similar material and topics.
- Examples: Clicking on this tab will show you many examples of the chosen task. Examples are great to use in class, and help to clarify topical issues.
- PDF Documents: Clicking on this tab will lead you to web resource documents related to the task. Examining documents may be very helpful in bringing clarity and structure to our understanding of the task.
- Case Studies: Clicking on this tab will lead you to related case studies. Case studies are a great way to move students toward practical applicaton of the material.
- Experiential Exercises: For some tasks, there may not be many or any results. Clicking on this tab will lead you to experiential exercises on the web that pertain to the chosen task. It can be meaningful to examine the types of activities others have successfully used in the classroom when introducing the chosen task.
- YouTube: Clicking on this tab will lead you to web resources from the YouTube collection. It may be very helpful to watch a video related to the task.

Task 3-05: Facilitate the offshore procurement process.