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Merced College CTD Resources

Video Series
A series of full-length videos provided by Merced CITD, through a contract with the Michigan State University, Center for International Business Education and Research (MSU CIBER). They include:
Community College Perspective On International Curriculum: VIDEO
Developing An International Business Course: VIDEO - PPT
Developing A Study Abroad Program: VIDEO - PPT
GlobalEDGE - An Essential Resource: VIDEO - PPT
Globalization And Community Colleges: VIDEO - PPT
Global Supply Chain Management: VIDEO
International Finance And Accounting: VIDEO - PPT
International Marketing: VIDEO - PPT
International Trade: VIDEO - PPT
Nasbite CGBP Credential: VIDEO - PPT
Bringing Resources Into Your Classroom: VIDEO
Case Study: VIDEO
CGBP Practice Exam: VIDEO
Internationalizing Your Curriculum: VIDEO
Reviewing The 4 Domains Part 1: VIDEO
Reviewing The 4 Domains Part 2: VIDEO
Reviewing The 4 Domains Part 3: VIDEO
Sending Students Out Into The Community: VIDEO
Tips And Resources For The CGBP Exam: VIDEO
Understanding The Nasbite CGBP: VIDEO

International Trade Basics Course - This course is brought to you by the Center for International Trade Development at Merced College. This course was created by trade professionals with more than 20 years of experience providing international business training to companies, small businesses and entrepreneurs. It includes over 19 video modules that span all topics related to export and import trade.

Merced College CITD Career Plan External Link
Download and complete the Merced College CITD Career Plan. This MS Word template will take you through a detailed career planning sequence to help you identify and explore your top career choices. Simply right click the link to download the file, and then open it to start the process. Check out our brief VIDEO explaining what you will find.

Trade Data by California Region
Detailed international trade data selected by California regions.