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CGBP Skill Builders for Students

Based on the NASBITE© Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP) Credential

CGBP Skill Builders for Students
The CGBP (Certified Global Business Professional) credential contains 32 key tasks related to international trade. These tasks combine to ensure the international trade practitioner is competent across a broad range of skill sets. This page will help you to access best practices, trends, explanations on why specific tasks are important during international trade, articles and documents, job and career resources, as well as videos. Please use our simple three-step selection process:
Step 1: Click on one of Four Skill Domains
Click on any of the 4 CGBP Domains from the menu below:
1) Global Business Management
2) Global Marketing
3) Supply Chain Management, or
4) Trade Finance.
After you click, a list of links will appear containing appropriate key tasks. These represent the tasks needed to create competence in that area of international trade activities.
Step 2: Click on a Task
Click on a Task link,which will lead you to a page containing relevant, specific web resources.
Step 3: Click on a Tab
After selecting a task, please scroll down the page to see results. There will be 8 tabs at the top of the results table from which you can choose:
- All: General web resources for the task
- Best Practices: Practical insight from industry.
- YouTube: Videos related to the task
- Importance: Why is this task important to know?
- Articles: Articles and publications that can help.
- Trends: Task-specific functional trends.
- Career: Highlights career-related links that can help.
- Jobs: Resources to get us a job in this area.

Task 1-06: Develop and/or assist in internal and external legal and regulatory compliance efforts to support global activities.