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Regional International Trade Data

California trade with the world

  • Metric Tonnes
  • Shipments
  • Value (USD)
  • Monthly Volume (3 years)

CITD Regions - Trade

  • Map of Regions
  • Map of Sub Regions
  • Statistical Table

Exporter & Importer Data

  • By County (descending)
  • By City (descending)
  • By Zip Code (descending)

Exporter & Importer Companies

  • U.S. Companies (descending)
  • Foreign Companies (descending)
  • U.S. Companies Data Sheet (descending)
  • Foreign Companies Data Sheet (descending)

Please click on a region on the map to view detailed international trade data:

California Regional Map North Mega Region Bay Mega Region Central Mega Region South Central Mega Region LA OC Mega Region Inland Empire Mega Region San Diego Imperial Mega Region